Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good use of translation in Office 2003

Good use of translation in Office 2003

In earlier versions of Office, only Microsoft Word can provide the translation function. The new generation of Microsoft Office 2003 have the "information retrieval" feature, you can translate in Word 2003, Excel 2003, Outlook 2003, PowerPoint 2003 and Publisher 2003. Now, let's use the Microsoft Office Word 2003 as an example to introduce the translation services of Microsoft Office 2003. And if you have not use this features already, hope it can help you.

When you first use the translation services, it will pop up a request installation dialog box, you need to install the client dictionary, point "ok" to comlete the installation.
After installation, when you connect to the Internet, the on-line dictionary will automatically be available. You can also set the "Translation Options " to add or remove language. So you can use on-line dictionary or use online machine translation to translate when the dictionary installed in the machine is not available. Because if the search engine installed on the computer dictionary have no results, it can return to the translation from online dictionary.

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