Monday, July 25, 2011

Win 7 running procedure gives users with a yardstick

Win 7 Practical Tips: Easy Win XP(2)
We have accumulate a small number tips of Windows 7 freshly and we'd like to share it with all of you and expect it can aid you.
1. Switch to the projector
Now, Win 7 running procedure gives users with a yardstick way to change from one watch to another watch (or projector), Download Windows 7 you only want to press Win + P key, or run DisplaySwitch.exe to pick the content you want to run.

2. Automatic clean up computer
Windows 7 Professional
When the number of inexperienced computer users to use your computer, it may disturbed some earlier surroundings and fitting mistrustful programs, delete valued records or source a type of damage. All these will source your disturbed, to aid you resolve these trivial things, Microsoft Office 2007 introduced a result in Windows 7: PC Protection (PC Safeguard). When the inexperienced computer users who record on your computer, they can play recreational activities, use your browser or use instant messaging to chat. However, when they log out, the succession of performances they brought on your computer will be clarified out, which signifies they are hard to disorder up your computer.

PC Safeguard is not a new technical knowledge, Office 2010 has commenced to launch their divided computer implements (aka Windows SteadyState) a long time ago. But the technical knowledge is first be mixed into the Windows running system.

Here is the precise steps: Go to Control Panel -- User Accounts and Family Safety - -User Accounts - -Management of other statements -- Create a new account -- Enter the new account label, and then snap Create, pick the "Create PC Safeguard-- Start PC Safeguard - -Application " to whole the setup. Since then, Microsoft Windows 7 you can give your computer to employed by third someone safely.

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