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Office 2007 just for the productively

Like all MS goods Office 2007 is a memory pig
This is my first blog way in engaging the novel issue to blog attribute in Word 2007. I must say that the novel ribbon is very, very good. It’s like Microsoft took all the stuff I exercise on a daily basis in Word, Excel and Outlook and left it out where I can exercise it. By now you must have seen the screen shots of the ribbon. Those of you will small panels might want to stick with Office 2003, as the novel ribbon in Download Office 2007 takes higher a lot of screen space. I distrust this is much of a load for bulk users with modern computers running at 1024 x 768 or greater.
So here is a quick check of the item that task in the novel versions of Office 2007.


1. I love the alleviate of exercise of the ribbon, all the hours of user research has compensated off. They took the 4000 choices none ever adapted and buried them. Things like modifying covering of text is now just one click away. If you pinpoint something that you exercise on a regular basis, but it’s not in the ribbon you can regularly “customize the quick access toolbar” and add it there.

2. The color approach is cool and bathe, I pinpoint the icons more straightforward to construe, and item like “check names” in prediction is more prominent.

3. Microsoft took the “Start” button thought from Windows and realized it to Office 2007 Key . Now we have this very many throughout button in the seal left-hand corner. I found this menu to be well organized and easy to use. My wife otherwise couldn’t pinpoint where item went. So average users may pinpoint the GUI overhaul a bit hard at first. But through all the novel interface modifications are well done.

4. Due to a lawful scuffle with Adobe the “Save to PDF” run was extracted in the final shipping version.I’ve adapted this save to PDF attribute and it works very well. It’s presently much quicker than Adobes have implementation of it in the full publication of Acrobat.

5. The marauder Outlook attribute (other than the UI enhancements) is the talent to set emails as “TODO ITEMS” anyone any person who has adapted Outlook for prolonged before long commences to exercise emails as todo items. Now you can presently set emails from population as motion items. I pinpoint this attribute the best component of Outlook. Now after a customer sends me a modification for a website in an email, I basically tag the email as an “TODO” item. This is attribute alone is worth the upgrade.

Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student
1. I’ve identified you have to do a bit of fiddling to receive Office 2007 to save to the old format of 2003. I exchange records with many paying customers and bulk of them have not upgraded yet. Giving them word files with the extension “.docx” might through them off. BTW this is Microsoft’s novel XML Office format. You can set Office to save to the major format by default, but it’s a distress to pinpoint that setting at first.

2. Like all MS goods MS Office 2007 is a memory pig. For instance as I breeding this blog way in engaging Word running, and I switch to the “Windows Task Manager” to suppose how much memory it’s consuming. 55,704 k! Yep, close to 55megs! Now I have none to dread come seal since I’m running a system with 4 GIG of RAM. Users with slower machines with smaller diagram RAM might want to wait for an upgrade until they receive a more modern system if you plan to run many programs at once.
3. The ribbon takes a tiny learning. I wouldn’t upgrade to Office 2007 in the midst of a high endeavour where you deficiency to exercise Word, Excel, PowerPoint all the time.

4. I’ve found this publication of Office to crash more regularly than 2003. (on the plus side the file has regularly be without thinking recovered by Office each time, so no knowledge loose yet!)

5. One thing that creatures me come seal the novel GUI. Where the heck is the “close document” button. When you click the “x” in the seal right hand corner it seals the record you are in. But if that is the simply record free-spoken Microsoft Windows 7 seals Word right down. What if i trusted to seal that record but save Word running? There is no easy way to do this if not select it type the novel Office Start menu, or exercise the keyboard condensed cut calm “x” .

Final Thoughts

Overall my experience with Office 2007 has been good. If you have a novel computer this publication of Office will be great for you. Those with major slower machines may wait for the upgrade until there hardware snatches up. I feign that this publication of Office will run well on any computer with 1 GIG of RAM or greater. If you plan to user Outlook and surf the web you ought be fine. But endeavouring to run heavy apps like Photoshop, Office and Web browsing may become an subject on major machines. I would highly recommend Office 2007 just for the productively enhancements. I pinpoint my self doing more task, Microsoft Office 2010 instead of hunting for commands in the software.
Side Note:

I have been engaging MS Word since it was first written for the Mac. So I am a prolonged time user. This is the best publication of Word I’ve adapted in all that time. Hats off to Microsoft.

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