Sunday, February 13, 2011

The first is synchronized scrolling buttons

The use of some function in Word 2007
There is a new added feature, “comparison with the file name side by side” is very useful, and it can improve our work efficiently. Now, let’s gain some information about it.
Sometimes, you may feel it’s difficult to figure out what’s the difference with the original file after several editing, at this time word 2007 comparison function can help you see it easily.
The methods: first, open the two documents which need to make a compare, then click the “comparison with the file name side by side” command in the "Window" menu, so the two Word documents may rang from left to right automatically. There will be “comparison tool bar side by side “with three buttons at the same time. The first is synchronized scrolling buttons: two documents can be controlled while scrolling. The second is to reset the window position button: click it, you can return to the initial state automatically. The third is the "off side by side comparison" button, click it will exit the document comparison state.

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