Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Open blank page of Office 2007 document

The tips for the Multimedia Office Software
With the development of technology, there are many Multimedia Office Software appear in the market. The software are very convenient for people to use, however, not everyone known the basic tips of Multimedia Office Software. So, in order to help you gain more information about it and help you do well on your job, I will list some useful tips for you to reference.
(1) The use skills of screenshot combination key
When using the screenshot combinations keys, we often press "Alt" key on the keyboard, then press "PrScrn" key. In general, it can be used. However, some software are in a different way when they use screenshot keys. They may  press and hold "PrScrn" key, then press "Alt" key, so that the content displayed on the screen will not be lost when in screenshots.
(2) Video presentation tips in Office 2007
Open blank page of Office 2007 document, then press the F1, you will find there are a lot of tutorial presentations and some audio and video training tutorials.
(3) The method of writing paper output setting in Office 2007
Select the "add" in menu bar in the edited document, then click "manuscript settings" button and you marked "√" before the "Enable manuscript format " and you can set formate at, grid color, paper size at the same time.
(4) Use thumbnail view in Office 2007
It's really very boring to scroll up and down when you are dealing with a long document. In order to solve this problem, Word also provides the thumbnails functions as PowerPoint, so that you can preview the document within the document .Although the text on each thumbnail is not able to read clearly, but you can still use them to navigate in the document. If you want to get the thumbnail, you should click on "View" tab first, and then find the "thumbnail" box in the "Show / hide" and to select the previous hook. After you selected, the new pane will appear on the left side of the screen, which will have thumbnails of each page in the document.This is very easy to navigate because each thumbnail is clickable. When you click on a thumbnail, it will show that page in the main page .Compared to PowerPoint,  it still lacked the thumbnail preview, but it can help you a lot when you have a long document for browsing.
After this introduction, do you get some useful information? I believe you have get it.

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