Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Functional of Windows 7 System

Revealed Calculator Functional of Windows 7 System

Can you use the calculator of Windows7? You can not underestimate it, in addition to the basic mathematical operations, it can also calculate the date of calculation, fuel trip meter, and so the ear and the mortgage terms. Even if you do not known how to use Excel functions, you can easily calculate with the  calculator. So , it can be described as surly your life helper.
1. Calculate your future age
Open the calculator, select view / date calculations, plus or minus to a specified number of days when you choosing the selected date to make calculations. We chose your date of birth and then enter the appropriate number of bits. And then click the calculate button to know when to adulthood. Of course. We can choose subtracted and enter the value to know when we born.
2. To do science subjects with unit conversion
We open the View / unit conversion, expand "the type of units to be converted". We can make a chose between the several physical units which we commonly used. used the word " unit conversion function" is definitely a good choice.

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